Born August 25, 1972 in France, Benoît mainly works with metal in an organic figurative style.
After studying art and starting an artistic career in Brittany, he settled in Brussels where he also worked as a monumental sculptor ; his metal technique led him to collaborate in difference projects as in stop-motion cinema as a rigger and puppet maker.
Benoit’s steel works are inspired by the biotope and reinvent a flora and bestiary that combines species as to propose to nature endangered by human activity new mutations in the living kingdom.

Professional curriculum vitae

Benoit Polvêche , sculptor, decorator, steel technician …

 Work Experiences :


2021 :

Stop-motion puppets armatures : feature film : “The Inventor”, dir. Jim Capobianco, Foliascope.

Reinforcement sculpture : full scale Madonnes : Henry VIII,  Opera Royal de la Monnaie.

Stop-motion prototype puppets armatures : feature film : “Sauvage” dir. Claude Barras, Panique pruduction.


2020 :

Steel jewelry : jaw fitting mask for feature film “EARWIG”, dir. Lucile Hadzihalilovic, Frakas prod.

2019 :       

Model maker : Wooden advent calendar construction for feature film “Le Calendrier”, dir. Patick Ridremond, Frakas prod.

Master class : Stop-motion rigging, Start-Motion, Film en Bretagne, Lorient.

 Props maker : 2 full-scale metal side-cars for BMX’ rickshaws + lions and elephant latex masks, “Lollihead”, shorts serie, dir. Xavier Nellens, Clear sky picture

Stop-motion armatures maker : human boddies, “Lollihead”, shorts serie, dir. Xavier Nellens, Clear sky picture

 Rigging for vegetables : Rabobbank advertising. Beast Animation studio

 2018 :       

Master class : Stop-motion puppets : armatures bulding, Film en Bretagne, Rennes.

Reinforcement sculpture & decor : “La Gioconda”, monumental clown head sculpture : Opera royal de la Monnaie”, Brussel.

2017 :       

Rigging for rods puppet : short film “Reruns”, dir. Rosto A.D. Private view production.

 Stop-motion puppet armature, cat body : short film “La bague au doigt”, dir. Gerlando Infuso. Kwassa film.

Reinforcement sculpture & decor : “Lucio Sillia”, articulated metal structures for trees : Opera royal de la Monnaie”, Brussel.

2016 :       

Stop-motion puppets armatures and heads mechanics for feature film : “the Isle Of Dogs”, dir. Wes Anderson, @ Arch Model Studio, IOD Production, London.

2015 :            

Simple head mechanic for a rods puppet test, Disney production.

Lead stop-motion rigging : feature film : “Ma vie de Courgette”, dir. Claude Barras, RITA Productions, Blue Spirit Productions, Gébéka Films. Lyon.

2014 :       

Stop-motion puppets armatures, humans bodies : feature film : “Ma vie de Courgette”, dir. Claude Barras, RITA Productions, Blue Spirit Productions, Gébéka Films. Genéve

2013 :       

Reinforcement sculpture & decor : “Orphéo & Eurydice”, landscape & architecture sculpture Opera royal de la Monnaie”, Brussel.

Suggar string puppet : “Tirlemont” advetising, at Artefact, Caviar production.

 Reinforcement sculpture & decor : “Lucrezia Borgia”, landscape & technics. Opera royal de la Monnaie”, Brussel.

Stop-motion puppet armatures, humans bodies : short movie “Les Pecheresses”dir. Gerlando Infuso. Eklektik production.

2012 :       

Reinforcement sculpture & décor : “Lulu”, sculpture, mold & casting. “Opera royal de la Monnaie”, Brussel.

2011 :      

Stop-motion puppet armatures, human body : video-clip for Emile Simon, Gerlando Infuso.

Master class, workshop : stop-motion puppets armatures, ICAIC, la Habana. Cuba.

Stop-motion puppet maker and rigger : short film “Terra sola”, dir. Eve Martin & Nico Bueno, La Parti-production.

Reinforcement sculpture & décor : trees metal structures. “Opera royal de la Monnaie”, Brussel / Théatre des Champs Elysée, Paris.

Stop-motion puppet maker : TV serie : “La minute du Chat”, dir. Philippe Gueluck, Atelier de l’Enclume, RTBF, France2.

2010 :       

Head decorator : “Sortilége” full-sized medieval game at Brussel with Recyclart.

2007 :       

Scenographic ironworks, furnitures & mock-up : Hans Op De Beeck studio. Brussel.

Scenographic ironworks, technical stage elements : Namur theater.

2006 :      

Ironworks and design at Recyclart. Urban design, & furnitures.

Reinforcement decor : “Boris Godonov” “Opera royal de la Monnaie”, Brussel.

Scenographic ironworks, technical stage structures : “Lyon lumiéres” & Atomium event, ETF-Procon, Wavre. & Wollubilis culture center, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert.

2005 :      

Ironworks reinforcement : “Cosi fan tutte”, metal greenhouse. “Opéra royal de la Monnaie”, Brussel.

Monumental ciment decoration and ironworks : Aquarium of Gijon (Spain). Coutant sa. & Zoo vivarium of Antwerpen, “Giant sprl”.

2004 :      

Sculptor, shooting technics :  short movie : “EntroPeau, dir. Joel Godfroid, WIP- Ambiance production.

Show, festivals and stage decoration, site development :

1997 – 98 :       Biomechanik Tour

1995 – 99 :             Festival Astropolis, Brest, Lorient.

1995 – 97 :             Transfund, Nantes.

1998 :             Festival Exil, Cherbourg.

            Education :

99/00:  University Diploma of Higher Technician Specialist in Computer Aided Design (CAO/DAO), Institute of technologie. St Nazaire. (fr)

.. /95:  License Art Université de Haute-Bretagne, Rennes (fr).