Stop motion

Past stop-motions projects. Most collaborations with Christine Polis .


March to june 2014.

Bulding armatures of 35 puppets for “Ma Vie de Courgette” with Christine Polis under the design of Grégory Beaussart.
A feature film of Claude Barras. Bleu Spirit & Rita production.


June 2014 to april 2015.

Lead (of myself) rigger on stop-motion feature film “Ma Vie de Courgette”.

with big THANKS to Kim Keukeleire for her driving, Robin Jackson for his goods advises and Dan Gill for reinforcement at the end of shooting.

2013. Armatures stainless steel & brass, 6 puppets for Gerlando Infuso, “Les Pecheresses”, using silver and arc welding.

2010. Stainless steel armatures and casting for studio “L’enclume”, on the serie “La minute du Chat” , director : Philippe Geluck.
Diffusion RTBF & France 2.


( lien : studio de “L’enclume”,
( lien : “La minute du Chat” )

2011. Puppets for the short “Terra Sola” of Nico Bueno and Eve Martin.
“La Parti Production”



( lien : SquidLab)
( lien : Christine Polis)
( lien : laparti.production/fr/Terra_Sola )

2011. Puppets armatures for Gerlando Infuso.


( lien : Gerlando Infuso )

2011. first riser


2006 : Anthropeau, fable pour une statuaire.
Experimental documentary and stopmotion film about Benalo’s creation process.
(version.0.0 : 15mn – version.0.1 : 11mn)
Réalisation : Joel Godfroid
Here the full version 0.0 of the movie ANTHROPEAU Son v.0.0 : Seal Phuric & Johan Delforge 15mn _ 4Ko